Michael Lee Gogin

The People's Choice for BURBANK CITY COUNCIL

Michael Lee Gogin for Burbank City Council

Priorities & Promises

Public Safety

I Will Protect You & Your Family, Your Property & Our Businesses Districts.

 Quality of Life

I Will Preserve our R-1 Neighborhoods, Your Property Rights & City Services.

Media/Film Jobs

I Will Promote Media/Film Production-Post and Get People Back to Work!

Protect. Preserve. Promote.


Michael Lee Gogin for Burbank City Council

The Challenge

BURBANK is a wonderful place to Live, Work & Play. We're known as the "Media Capital of the World". We have unique picturesque Family-Friendly Neighborhoods and are one of the Safest Cities in California.

But our Public Safety, Quality-of-Life & Media/Film Industry are all under attack from radical "outside" forces that want to tear down & destroy our City & Community; They want to Defund our Police, allow Multi-Unit Housing in R-1/R-1H Neighborhoods, and keep our Media/Film Industry, Small Businesses & Churches closed. 

Media Professional 

for the Media City!

Michael Lee Gogin for Burbank City Council

The Solution

As a longtime (13yr) Burbank Resident & Media/Film Professional, I understand how many of my Neighbors feel in the current "political" climate - anxious, afraid, frustrated & tired. We have enough to worry about with Covid-19, without having to deal with new threats to our Foundational Freedoms & Way of Life. You deserve a Voice in Local Government who will fight for the things you care about most - Your Safety & Well-being, Your Neighborhood & Your Livelihood!

My name is Michael Lee Gogin and I am running for Burbank City Council in the November 3, 2020 Election to Protect, Preserve & Promote Burbank. I Am the ONLY Candidate who will really Listen to the concerns of All Burbank Residents with an Open Mind and ACT in Your Best Interests - Not Special Interests with an outside Agenda. I humbly ask for Your VOTE and Support in my Campaign.

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What People are saying

"Michael is The Man who can get the Job Done."



Former BUSD School Board Member

We are endorsing Michael Lee Gogin for Burbank City Council because he wants to Protect R-1 & R-1H Zoning in Burbank.

TV/Film Music Composer

I am endorsing Michael Lee Gogin for Burbank City Council because he wants to do somthing about Traffic & Speeding problems in the Residential areas of Burbank.

The Plan

Protect  🚔  Preserve  🏘  Promote  🎥  BURBANK

Public Safety  👮‍♂️

Fully Fund & Staff our Police

Enforce the Law (Prosecute)

Crackdown on Speeding

Quality-of-Life  🏡 

R-1 Neighborhood Protections Preserve Your Property Rights

Maintain Excellent City Services

Media/Film Jobs  🎬

Est. Burbank Film Commission

Attract Media/Film Companies

Promote Work @ Home options

I Think Differently

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What People are saying

sonny sardo 

Owner  Sardo Interiors

I am endorsing Michael Lee Gogin for Burbank City Council because creating a Film Commission in Burbank is a good idea for Burbank Media companies and working people in the Industry.


Former Burbank Police Commissioner

I am endorsing Michael Lee Gogin for Burbank City Council because of his position of Protecting the Police & Fire Safety services in Burbank, and our Community; which is a great place to live in these difficult times.

About Michael

Michael Lee Gogin has lived in Burbank with his life partner Marylou for 13 years and often says he can’t imagine living anywhere else. He has three adult sons, and a grandson.

Born and raised in San Francisco, attended San Francisco State University, Gogin moved to southern California to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

With over 35 years of experience as an actor, screenplay writer, and a business entrepreneur, his leadership and activism expertise will be invaluably utilized.

He is a member of the following Unions: SAG-AFTRA, AGVA & AGMA and has a good working relationship with ACTRA the sister UNION for Television and Film in Canada.

In 1988 Gogin was elected unanimously by the Screen Actors Guild Board Members to become a Board Member. The board served a constituency of 104,000 members at the time. He also became the first National Chair of Performers with Disabilities under SAG, and continues to serve as a steering committee member to this day.

Gogin has been an activist for disability rights, and non-profits worldwide since 1972. Donating his time to the community, and many causes such as: Deaf Entertainment Foundation, AIDS Research fundraisers for Children, Youth for Understanding, UNICEF, and Cut Down the Barriers- an organization to cut public sidewalk curbs to allow wheelchair access at any corner without restraint.

Gogin also served as a past President to the Los Angeles Chapter of Little People of America (LPA). LPA was founded by philanthropist and performing artist Billy Barty In 1956. He and the chapter board worked very hard to successfully change their troubling finances from a deficit to a positive cash flow in less than two years.

Gogin considers his invitation to the White House for the signing of the landmark legislation: American with Disabilities Act of 1990, known as the ADA was one of his most rewarding experiences he’ll never forget.

He often says with a strong sense of advocacy:

“If you have the time to donate time and energy to enhance your community...then do so. This is a simple way of giving back to enrich and enhance someone’s life besides your own.”

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Latest NEWS

Thank You Burbankers for your Votes (over 5,300) and Support. Unfortunately we did not win this Election. Congratulations to winners Konstantine Anthony and Nick Schultz; You both have my support, and I look forward to being of service to Burbank through ongoing Community Engagement. 

The best part of my Campaign was meeting so many fantastic people who truly love Burbank like I do. We had great discussions about their concerns and what they wanted most from our City Council. I would also like to thank the many fantastic dedicated Volunteers who helped run this campaign on a shoestring budget; We could not have done it with out you! 

Sincerely, - Michael Lee Gogin.